Introduction to Essential Oils

Essential oils are a plant extract, a gift from the earth, refined and ready for you to bring the power of nature into your home.

Many plants, especially roots, seeds, flowers and bark contain highly concentrated and potent chemical compounds. These natural compounds are the essential oils.

Essential oils give the plant its fragrance, protect it from dangerous environmental conditions and even help it in the pollination process.

How do essential oils work?

When you open a bottle of pure essential oil, your senses are immediately filled with its powerful aroma, even from a distance. What your nose recognizes are the elements that occur naturally in the essential oil.

Each essential oil differ in its natural properties, medicinal properties, aroma and benefits. For example, lavender oil includes elements that help soothe skin irritations, reduce anxiety and sleep more peaceful.

Essential oils have been used by ancient cultures around the world to:

Personal care
Health practices
Religious ceremonies
Beauty treatments

What are the uses of essential oils today?

Historically, essential oils have been used as part of cultural customs and traditions. However, we have growing scientific evidence and studies that show that essential oils can be used effectively and safely in a wider range of practices for the benefit of our health.

Today, you can use essential oils for cooking, home cleaning, personal hygiene, peaceful sleep, strengthening immunity, emotional health, body weight management and more ... By using essential oils, you can achieve natural solutions and reduce the side effects caused from chemical drugs to zero level.