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Question answer

We are often asked:

  • 1.
    Why is the sample free?

    It is important for us to deliver the goal of our project - the possibility of a healthy lifestyle with the help of essential oils, to every person on Earth. We send you a free sample - and you share your honest feedback with us.

  • 2.
    Are these the same essential oils that the pharmacy sells?

    No. The essential oils that we use have a special quality certificate and you will not find similar ones in a pharmacy.

  • 3.
    Why should I participate in the research?

    In our project, you can not only test the received sample on yourself, but also get a personal consultation, support, an application with interactive information and get to learn how to use essential oils correctly.

About us

Travel the world of fragrances
without leaving your home!

Take an exciting journey for yourself, to your health and positive emotions in 7 days only.

Free testing of premium quality essential oil samples - a unique opportunity to beat stress, pain or insomnia quickly, safely and naturally. Aroma Research will send you a free essential oil sample (1 ml). Our clients pay only for delivery to their region.

Believe in nature with us!

*Information confidentiality guaranteed.

You for free will receive an essential oil of quality CPTG

(Certified Pure Tested Grade®)


We want to keep up with everything, but at the same time remain calm, have a satisfying night rest and feel the strength in the whole body during the day. How can this be achieved? There is a solution - choose an essential oil that will help in your specific situation.

What problem would you like to solve?

If you are bothered by:
  • - Irritability
  • - Fatigue
  • - Conflicts
  • - Loss of concentration
  • - Panic
  • - Migraines
  • - Headaches
  • - Cramps
  • - Muscle tension in neck, shoulders or back
  • Nightmares
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Tiredness after sleep
  • Dozing off during the day
  • Disturbed sleep


Research stages

Simple steps to your positive emotions and your health.

A short registration on the site

Fill out your details- and we will find an effective essential oil especially for you.

Sample delivery and downloading the application on your smartphone

Place an order in a convenient way for you and download the app.

Relaxation week

Dedicate 7 days to your wellbeing. Our app will accompany you for a week and you will get your own personal experience of using essential oils.

Feedback and wellness consultation

After completing the testing, you will receive a summary report of the research, discuss it with your personal consultant and share your honest feedback.

Conclusion meeting

During it you will learn about the option to join Aroma Club Pro, and after that you will be able to receive gifts for the points that you earned during the 7 days of research.


What do we offer?


During the experience you will have your own personal consultant. And Romi the drop - your assistant in the research - will accompany you all 7 days. She and our consultants are always here to provide the necessary information and answer all questions about the most effective ways to use an essential oil.


The experience takes place in a convenient and understandable application, where you will find recommendations for daily use of essential oils, interactive tasks and a chat with a personal assistant.


You are testing a certified product - an essential oil of CPTG quality, which is the key to its effectiveness.


You will get a free sample, as well as access to a unique app which contains tips, books, podcasts, videos, and your personal consultant.

A unique experience

You will be able to test a high-quality essential oil on yourself, making your first step into the magical world of bright aromas, and learn more about a healthy lifestyle as well.

The solution to your problem

You will find a natural solution to one of three problems to choose from: in seven days only, you can overcome stress, get rid of pain or improve your sleep.


87% of the project participants have already received a positive result after taking part in the aroma-research, join us too!


By completing tasks, you can receive useful gifts, if you decide to become a team member of Aroma Club Pro.


We attract clients